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Recovering from a Horse Show Hang Over

It's Saturday night and it's officially been 5 days since we have made it home from our GFSC state show. I'm not sure about you, but this week might have been a little rough waking up and going to work for me; if I must admit it. If we're being honest my feet still hurt and the laundry is done ... Buttt it might still be sitting on the couch to be put away. The horse trailer still needs to be tidied up a tad too.

Im not sure what you call it , but at our house we call it a horse show hang over. I couldnt have been the only one running around in the barn at 2:30 am with an 7am alarm set while we were at the show. I've realized this year though I'm not as young as I once was and that's a fact!

No one really talks about or I think really understands what we all actually go through at a show. It's so much more than just dressing up for that 5 minutes in the arena. Really it's all about the prep work.

Looking back on all of it though I think I really sat back this year and saw what an amazing group of riders we have at CPPA. How thankful I am for each and every one of you! Our association like many others has had to scrape by and barely survive lately from rising costs of living, inflation, and just plain ole people don't have the money for hobbies like they used to. But what I have witnessed this year were new members coming in, Old members coming back, and current members encouraging everyone! That last part though is what it's all about, the encouraging.

The biggest complaint I have ever heard from people at any show , literally anywhere , is feeling like they aren't apart of the group or unwelcome where they show up. I'm beyond grateful that CPPA members aren't like that. With that being said if you see someone new this year please be sure to smile, wave, and say hello! Tell them it's great to see them and thanks for coming to show with us!

This year we hope to have the best year yet! Ribbons have been ordered, high point awards have arrived, and prizes have been being donated. I have talked to countless people about sponsorships and emailed forms and all I can think about is how excited we are this year to be coming back even stronger and being able to offer our members even more!

Please be sure to sell those raffle tickets and bring them to the first horse show in ware county on Oct.14th at the Ware County Saddle Club. Food truck has been booked, awards are ready, class sheets printed , and I'm pretty sure we are going to have a silent auction as well. Go through your phone, invite your horse friends to come show with us. Most importantly remember we are #CPPASTRONG

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